1. Hall Mountain, WA


  2. Bead Lake


  3. My wife and I drove to Sullivan Lake last weekend. The inland northwest just doesn’t stop impressing me. 



  5. Horizons


  6. Intrigue // Pend Oreille River, Idaho

    Be warned: I used this space for a few personal thoughts. :)

       It was Saturday morning and I woke up around 7 AM. I was not planning on going to the woods or the river. Things changed when I looked out the windows of our little house and saw the fog. Almost immediately the part of me that sees everything in a frame and through a lens started calling for me to go! Without much further thought I turned the key in my trusty Saab and headed through town.  It had been a while since I’ve driven up Le Clerc road just outside of Oldtown, so I steered my car there. This road heads northwest of town and closely follows the Pend Oreille river for about 50 miles until it reaches the small town of Ione, Washington. Long before I would have reached Ione, I pulled into the drive a campground, closed for the winter.

       The next one and half hours were spent wandering through the forest and along the bank of the river. Because of minimal forethought I only wore a light jacket; no gloves and no hat. The sharp, cool moisture cut through to my skin. I hardly noticed the cold however, as I was captured by the peace and beauty of the morning. I watched the fog roll across the water. It dips and jumps, only to be replaced with that behind it. The pair of geese noticed me along the shore, but I was soon disregarded as I sat and quietly watched them. The trees behind me faded quickly into the mist leaving me alone on the shore inside a tight pocket of visibility. 

       Occasionally I feel strange for enjoying moments like these as much as I do. I feel as if there must be more pressing matters, or responsibilities that I must be neglecting in order to enjoy this. Sometimes I feel unsure of just being myself (see this blog post) and the photography nerd that I am. I tend to feel like my talents and interests are not worth as much, or are not as interesting as others. However, God has given each of us our talents, gifts, and interests. The last several weeks I am being reminded that as long as we use those gifts and talents for Him, and not to feed our selfish desires we have nothing to fear. I am learning to be thankful for, and confident in the person God has made me. It’s an intriguing journey. 

    I would like to hear your thoughts if these photos and words stirred any in your mind. Let me know. 


  7. They mysterious and tiny things of nature. 


  8. I fit in a short hike yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. I am starting to see some signs of spring lately as I am outdoors. The biggest sign is probably the fact that I can be out at 5 pm and still have plenty of daylight. I am definitely anticipating spring! :)