1. Exploring Itasca State Park // pulled these photos from my archives. What a fun set and memory. 


  2. The Bride and Groom | Jesse & Charissa 01.05.13

    Had the privilege of taking photos at Jesse and Charissa’s wedding in January, and I’m stoked to share these photos of their winter wedding!



  3. the ORB


  4. Split Rock Lighthouse // North Shore of Lake Superior


  5. Split Rock Lighthouse //

    Enjoying the cold at Split Rock Lighthouse, on Lake Superior. Got back to Washington earlier this week and have plenty of photos I’m working on, including those of a friends wedding.  Stay tuned for more posts over the next several weeks. 


  6. Itasca State Park on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Island on Lake Itasca which was named by Henry Schoolcraft from a combination of the latin words verITAS (truth) and CAput (head) once his expedition found the “true head” or origin of the Mississippi river.