1. Exploring Itasca State Park // pulled these photos from my archives. What a fun set and memory. 


  2. Pioneer Park


  3. Coffee in the Great Outdoors //

    I have a two cup kettle in which I am boiling water from Long Mountain Lake (in the background), using my Olicamp Electron backpacking stove, powered by #Coleman fuel. With an AeroPress using the inverted method I scooped 2 1/2 teaspoons of Stranger Mountain Coffee (dark roast) into the syringe. Filled it with water boiling at 7k feet of elevation, and let it steep for about 30-40 seconds. Placed the AeroPress on top of my enamel cup and am ready to press! And then, the final product at Long Mountain Lake in the Selkirks!

    This series is edited with my Lightroom preset “Roman Nose light”.



  5. Anonymous said: Hey I am curious what camera you use to get your landscape pictures? Really impressive pictures btw! Keep up the good work. -Andrew

    I use a Canon T3i, but remember the camera doesn’t make a big difference. :)


  6. Stars over Freeman Lake, Idaho // 


  7. Flying North Idaho


  8. Blood moon //